• Who Killed Charles Sobraj

    holdingWho is Johnson Thhat? And how has he managed to escape justice for so long, even when in jail?


    Farrukh Dhondy’s BIKINI MURDERS out Fall 2010

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  • Get yourself here

    Ex-Black Panther and broadcaster DARCUS HOWE will appear in conversation with FARAH DAMJI, author of an explosive new autobiography, Try Me. Not to be missed. Saturday June 5th in the afternoon. Venue etc tbc.
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  • Happy Holidays

    The Ark Press wishes all our readers, fans, detractors and particularly those vicious bloggers who are BOOSTING book sales (yes, darlings, there is no such thing as bad publicity)  all love for the Holiday season. See you in 2010.
    Salaams / Shalom / Peace.

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  • Cheerleadered!

    Cheerleadered! are pleased to announce a book reading of Farah Damji’s notorious book TRY ME, featuring a star-studded cast of celebrity readers and Farah!

    Host:    Try Me
    Type:    Party – Benefit
    Network:    Global
    Date:    Wednesday, December 16, 2009
    Time:    6:30pm – 9:30pm
    Location:    The Lamb, 92 Lamb’s Conduit Street, Holborn WC1N 3LZ

    Come for a glass of wine and to be shocked, appalled and visibly entertained. All for a good cause 50% of the book sales from the event will be donated to http://www.restlessbeings.org/

    Reviews of Try Me:

    “At last an immigrant autobiography without a mission to complain.
    A fresh and fearless voice”
    Farrukh Dhondy, author of Bombay Duck and Adultery

    “Casually shocking. Artfully bizarre. The most jaw-dropping memoir I’ve read since Jeffrey Archer’s prison diaries”
    - Guy Adams, The Independent

    “An autobiography that shocks, appals, sucks one into its consistently amoral world and then spits one out at the end dry-mouthed. Damji’s book is intelligent, gutsy, full of paradox, and quite unlike any other account of the immigrant experience.”
    -The Evening Standard.

    “A powerful and riveting tale of betrayal and culture, this is Farah’s own gutsy story. Shocking and explosive at times and brilliantly written.” -NOW Magazine

    “After only the first paragraph, I was hooked. ‘Try Me’ is brilliantly written and describes the darker side of the media industry for women of all races. Detailing her travels to London and New York, her relationships, problems, drugs, alcohol, sex and fashion, her writing is utterly compelling.”

    “Farah Damji’s had quite a life – born in Uganda, she moved to England as a child. At 18 she moved to New York and became an art dealer, where she mixed with members of high society, then works as a journalist before ending up in jail. It’s a no-holds-barred read – we couldn’t put it down.”
    Four Stars -Look Magazine

    “Her chronicles of New York are fascinating in their detail….she writes and curses the fantasy of flight”
    -The New Statesman

    RSVP essential

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  • Exciting news

    Nirpal Dhaliwal and Farah Damji are going to do a joint reading from their respective books, Tourism and Try Me in the New Year,. The subject is:

    Did the 60s ever really happen?
    Welcome to  the no sex, no drugs and strictly no rock ‘n’ roll world of 2 and 3G British Asians.
    Followed by a Q + A you might want to ask:
    1) Why is contemporary Indobrit (so sue me)  culture so boring? Why don’t more Asian writers write about what it is really like to be young and Asian in the 21st Century?
    2) Why do so many Asian bloggers and wannabe “meejah-sites” hate Nirpal and Farah? Are they really the same person? Or maybe twins separated at birth? I mean the blogger(s) not Farah and Nirpal.
    3) Is Gurindher Chadha the benchmark for exploring the zeitgeist? Are we all just squeamish, lights out please, strictly missionary cardboard cut-outs of Lizzie Bennet?
    4) Is Gautam Mulkani’s tragic novel a true depiction of what life is like for inner city British Asian youths?

    Watch this space for more information and details. Location, dates and times to be announced.


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  • Without the CPS Spin


    After three and a half months of waiting some of it in the not so salubrious surroundings of HMP, the trial was meant to go ahead yesterday. So, in spite of leaves on tracks, rain like a hurricane and food poisoning to kill Jonah’s whale, I managed to get there. Early. For once. And my barrister the beautiful Danielle Cooper from Michael Mansfield’s Tooks Court wasn’t there and the clerk from invincible law firm Hughmans wasn’t there.

    But guess who was?

    With a new haircut and wearing a cheap suit, the ubiquitous DC Timothy Evans from Hounslow. Oh yes. This was his day in court to slay the she-devil that is me and he had built up to this moment in his head with the relish and rancour with which a lion kills a gazelle. Now there is nothing gazelle-like about me but he was surprisingly pleasant as he waited for the CPS barrister to show up. I asked him why six policemen had shown up to check if I was sleeping where I should have been (mind your own business) and he protested no knowledge.

    Danielle came and we started to discuss the case. We were floating, which meant there was no court room readily available for us, we had to wait till fixtures fell or a court room became available. I was bailed to remain in the building, so I couldn’t even pop into Bentalls. So we waited and waited and waited.

    Finally we got into Court 3 and the Judge, a scabrous old man called Fergus Irvine Mitchell , a known racist who is the subject of numerous complaints, delighted in making prosecutors and defence counsel squirm by his attacks on various parts of the criminal justice system, the witness service unit, policemen and translators. As for defendants, anyone in front of him could look forward to being not only hung and drawn but also deported. Even if they were EU nationals. A young Romanian woman up on a second count of pickpocketing ( not really serious on the spectrum of possible offences, you might agree) was told she could look forward to being deported after her trial, which hadn’t happened because the witnesses had been dewarned. When the defence counsel tried to object the Judge answered
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  • The Ark Press is delighted

    The Ark Press is delighted to announce that Farah Damji was acquitted on false allegations of forgery brought about by a malicious detective constable who has been harassing her for well over six years now. A file has been passed to the DPP so that Ambreen Quayyum Sheikh and William Lataaya of Arcade Estates can be brought to justice for lying in police statements, wasting police time and perverting the course of justice.  Farah’s itemised particulars of claim against this policeman, DC Timothy Evans was served on the Metropolitan Police Commissioner this afternoon, as soon as she was acquitted and causes of action include

    False imprisonment
    Perverting the Course of Justice
    Conversion of goods and Property
    Repeated violations of Article 8 of the ECHR
    Bringing Malicious Prosecutions.

    Farah wants to thank people who stood by  through very trying times  and wants to put what has been a long and tiring episode firmly behind her.  Other matters outstanding include a Newton Hearing in which the prosecutor’s “sttar” witness is being flown over from America at your expense so a Judge can cross examine him. Please be aware that this matter is sub-judice as are allegations that Farah pleaded guilty to other charges last Summer. Reporting restrictions apply.

    Get Farah’s Book – Try Me

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  • The Ark is back (actually we never went very far)

    A long absence. We went very quiet during the time Farah was being held on remand on completely trumped up charges brought about by lies from ONE stupid police officer. We will be sharing some of the statements from his cross examination during the trial and you will see how frightening justice can be when it is in the hands of someone with a vendetta and a grudge. But this time, she really didn’t do it and is fighting to clear her name. In order to support her and not create any more stress for her we at The Ark agreed to keep a very low profile.  Her arrest was the direct result of the potential success of the book, which certain powers that be couldn’t stand the thought of, so, if you haven’t already PLEASE people get one NOW.   Her trial is next week and her friends have shown the most amazing love and courage and support through horrible times. I have never seen a woman with such resilience and fearlessness and compassion for the idiots who try to do her down. And yes,  The Ark is back (actually we never went very far)  and publishing the most controversial , outrageous and talented writers this planet has to offer. Next book: Darcus Howe’s biography. Amazing! All LOVE! X

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  • Art for Life

    In London at Guy Hilton’s trendy gallery there was a book launch for Farah Damji and her memoir Try Me about her crazy days and nights in New York. Ms. Damji is an author, editor, publisher, the daughter of a very rich property tycoon named Amir Damji who lives in South Africa and London.

    Follow the link for more info


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  • Try Me Book Launch

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